Working as a surf instructor is an amazing career path with heaps of job satisfaction. You won’t be getting rich quickly but it’s a great opportunity to turn the ocean into your office and travel the world. Nothing beats passing on the stoke to the next wave of surfers and being able to paddle out after work for a sunset session.

Our team has been doing just that for years and we love the lifestyle – but how do you become a surf instructor? Well there’s 3 pretty easy steps…

1. Get Your Surf Skills Nailed

Pretty Obvious!

  • You need to be at least and intermediate surfer
  • Green waves, turning in both directions and safe kick outs are a must
  • You should be comfortable in at least head high waves.

2. Invest In A Certification

It’s worth the money.




3. Find Work Experience

…even if it’s unpaid

  • You need at least 20 hours to solidify your qualifications
  • Even weekend work can be a great reference for applications
  • Don’t worry about the pay so much – the experience for your CV is heaps valuable

Once you’ve got that all sorted you simply need to head back here and see the amazing jobs on offer, whack in some applications and get ready to live the dream!