Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Free To Search?

The guys behind the site are surf instructors themselves – and if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from surf coaching it’s that you aren’t going to get rich quick! So we decided to keep it free to look for jobs rather than paying a subscription to browse our job listings. This means we get more traffic too – bringing more value to surf camps wanting to advertise job roles with us.



How Do You Become An Instructor?

We get a ton of requests about how to become a surf instructor and live the dream so we put together a separate post on what you need to do.

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How Do I Apply For The Job?

Each job listing has a direct apply button for the surf camp offering the position – you simply need to ping them an email yourself. We’ve also put together a handy page for how to structure your cover letter and CV for the best chance of getting the job.

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Is it just for Instructors?

Despite the name we’ll advertise anything surf camp related – we just want to get people their dream jobs working by the ocean, in the surf industry and out in the waves. Whether you just want to spend a summer doing admin work in exchange for living by the beach or you’re a serious, seasoned surf coach we’ll help you out.


What jobs can we advertise?

If it’s surf related we’re happy to advertise it for you. That can be anything at a surf camp really – social media guy, yoga instructor, cleaner, admin, ding repair, sales…if it’s by the ocean it’s good with us! And of course surf instructors, head coaches and programme leaders!


Do I need anything else to work abroad?

Unfortunately we can’t help with anything like visas, insurance or work permits – we’re simply a job listing site for the surf industry. We do advise you check those things out before accepting a job though – many surf camps will happily supply the information for you when you apply.